Get yourself known with these tips.You’ve written that epic blog post, now what are you going to do with it? Your parents have read your new post. Your spouse and kids have read it too. So, if my math is correct, that equals about six hits to your blog. That’s also assuming you have read it too.

That is not many readers, so what are you going to do to get yourself noticed is this noisy world of web content?


If you are a blogger, I also assume that you have a business behind your blog. Tie the two together and attend a networking event in your area. Still stumped on what to do? Check out Attend your first Networking Event and Make It Successful.


Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to your site. For starters you should:

  • Use H1 tags for your post title. Use one H1 tag to a web page.
  • Use H2 tags for your main points. OK to use multiple H2 tags.
  • Use H3 for your sub points. OK to use multiple H3 tags.
  • H4 – H6 tags don’t really matter in SEO. Use them at your discretion.

Next, check out this great plugin All in One SEO Pack from Semper Fi Web Designs. It’s an easy to use plugin that sits on your site. Just enter the info, and then publish your blog post. It is that easy.

Social Media

Social media and blogging are made for each other. If you are not using Twitter or Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, then you are missing out on a great traffic source.
Once you have finished your post, read it again for the key points in your article. Then reuse those key points in your social media.
The social media platforms I use are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For starts, I would post a link to my article on Facebook and LinkedIn. After that, I would set up the tweets for my Twitter feed. Programs like Hootsuite or Buffer are perfect for this.

Share Your Post on Other Sites

Post a link and a short description of your blog post on social sharing sites such as bizsugar. Make sure your post title is an eye-catcher because these sites have great traffic potential and are an ideal way to drive traffic to your site.

Guest Post on Other Sites

Guess posting is a great way to get some recognition and gain a few followers. More importantly, guest posting is a great opportunity to develop a working relationship with other bloggers. If this interests you then check out this post, Guest Posting Do’s and Don’ts.

I hope these tips help you to get yourself known in this noisy online world. By using SEO and social media as a traffic stream and by sharing your posts with others, traffic will start coming to your site. Be patient, as driving traffic to your site does take some time and you will have to put in some extra work, but through it all, it is worth it.

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