Do you speak Twitterese?

Do you speak Twitterese?

When I started my Twitter account, I thought how in the world and I going to stay within the 140 character limit? I quickly learned that in order to stay in the limit, you had to learn the Twitter lingo, or Twitterese.
Sure we all know RT is Retweet,  but what about the other more commonly used ones? Here are a few of the Twitter phrases I have learned and I am sure I will learn a BUUUUUNCH more…

Twitterese – 101

OH – Over heard

MT – Modified Tweet

DM – Direct Message

TYVM – Thank You Very Much

FTW – For The Win

GTK – Great To Know, Good to Know

LMK – Let Me Know

BTW – By The Way

IMHO – In My Honest Opinion

Here’s the first round I missed, from @teaandbagellady

FYI – for Your Information

L8r – Later

TTYL – Talk To You Later

ur – your

j/k or jk – Just Kidding

IDK – I don’t Know

Here are two new one’s from @BigEastSilver
HBU – How About You

IKR – I Know Right

Ok, which ones did I miss? Leave me a comment and I will include them in an updated post.
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