Do you speak Twitterese?

Do you speak Twitterese?

When I started my Twitter account, I thought how in the world and I going to stay within the 140 character limit? I quickly learned that in order to stay in the limit, you had to learn the Twitter lingo, or Twitterese.
Sure we all know RT is Retweet, ┬ábut what about the other more commonly used ones? Here are a few of the Twitter phrases I have learned and I am sure I will learn a BUUUUUNCH more…

Twitterese – 101

OH – Over heard

MT – Modified Tweet

DM – Direct Message

TYVM – Thank You Very Much

FTW – For The Win

GTK – Great To Know, Good to Know

LMK – Let Me Know

BTW – By The Way

IMHO – In My Honest Opinion

Here’s the first round I missed, from @teaandbagellady

FYI – for Your Information

L8r – Later

TTYL – Talk To You Later

ur – your

j/k or jk – Just Kidding

IDK – I don’t Know

Here are two new one’s from @BigEastSilver
HBU – How About You

IKR – I Know Right

Ok, which ones did I miss? Leave me a comment and I will include them in an updated post.
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