Create a solid blogging foundation.

Create a solid blogging foundation.

Blogging isn’t just about sitting down and typing some words. Anyone can type and create a blog, but it takes extra care to create a blog that will stand the test of time and the test of your readers. Blogs come and go, so create a rock solid and lasting blog by following these simple tips.

Answer This Important Question

Before you sit down to create your blog or write your next blog post, ask yourself these questions.

  • What is the goal for my blog?
  • Why am I creating this blog?
  • What pain am I going to resolve for my readers?
  • What value will I bring to my readers?

Create content that answers these questions. Knowing who your readers are and what information they need, is the fast path to a successful post and a lasting blog.

Create Great Content

Now that you have answered those important questions; it is time to sit down and start writing.

  • Start with a title. Your title is the answer to the question. How do I get better at Twitter? What tools do I need to be a blogger?
  • Create great content. Practice makes perfect. Keep writing and keep posting. Each passing day you will write better. If you have some grammar or spelling doubts, turn on your grammar check and your spell check. Just keep writing and posting.
  • We are human and we all post something with stupid mistakes. There is no way around this.

Keep it Professional

Would you go to a job interview in your pajamas? Probably not. Think of your blog as an interview. You want to display professional look for your job interview. The same goes for your blog. Keep it professional because your readers will be evaluating your post and your site.

  • Move up to a premium theme. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of nice free themes on the web but if you can afford it, upgrade your theme. Premium themes offer more versatility and I think they just look better.
  • Use a professional photo. If you don’t have a professional photo, use a photo that you are the central focus. Use a nice shot nothing too outlandish.
  • Add an About page. Tell your readers who you are and why they should read (and believe) your stuff. Let them know a little about your personal side and some of your hobbies.

I hope these tips help you to create a solid foundation for your blog. Now get out there and get blogging, but before you sit down and write your next post, answer the question, “What value am I bring with this post?” Once that question is answered, then you can write the awesome content to answer that question. Your readers will thank you.

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