Blogging tips we sometimes forget.There are no rules for blogging but there is a basic formula for success.  Forgetting this formula can mean the difference between a successful post and a not so successful post. Here are a few key points of the formula, that I sometimes forget myself. I hope these reminders help make your next blog posts successful.

Keep Your Post Simple
• We are a world of skimmers.
• Seems like no one has the time to read anymore.
• Use short paragraphs or bullet points in your post. Keep it simple.

Add Link to Your Older Articles
As you create your new post, add links to your older work.
Are there a few relevant posts your readers may find interesting? Add the links to those posts so your reader do not have to search for them. Keep them engaged in YOUR site.

Don't forget your call to action at the end of your post.

Don’t Forget Your Call To Action
At the end of your post; leave a CALL TO ACTION (CTA) for your readers. Your CTA is your last chance to engage them. In your CTA, ask them to sign up for your email list, check out another link within your site, leave a comment, or to follow you on social media.
Here are some CTA examples:
• What tips and tricks have you learned while working on your blog? Share them in the comments below.
• Did you enjoy this post? Then follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more great tips.
• Want to know more? Check out these great articles.

Other Posting Tips
• Get a little planner and schedule your posts for the month. This will help when you sit down to write. You want to be production and not to just stare at the blinking cursor.
• Did you write an unusually long post? If so, then break it into two posts.
• Look for ways to re-purpose your post. Highlight the key points in your post and reuse them in your social media.

I hope these tips help you in your blogging career. I know I need a reminder form time to time. We get rushed to send our work into the world and we sometime forget these important tips. To help me get back into the habit, I put a little check list in my planner as a reminder. Maybe you should too?
What tips and tricks have you learned while working on your blog? Share them in the comments below.
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