We all need a break some times. Check out these blogging tips to keep you blog up to date while on vacation.

Blogging tips for taking a break and enjoying your vacation.

Welcome to the second installment of Tuesday’s Blogging Tips.

Vacation (Holiday) season will be here soon!! Time away is great. Relax. Unwind. Spend time with family and friends. Everyone needs a little break. So how can you take a break and still keep your posting schedule up to date? Keep reading and I’ll show you a great WordPress blogging tip.

You’ll have to do a little work ahead of time so you can enjoy your vacation.

Get that blog post written. Spell check it. Give it a good read out loud. Make sure there are no mistakes.

In the top right corner, there is a heading titled, Publish. These are the parameters you select to publish your post.

Click on the blue Edit next to Publish immediately. This will open the settings. Select the day and time that you want to publish your article. Then click on OK. The Publish button has changed to Schedule. Click on Schedule to schedule your post.

The car is packed. The kids and the dog are in the car. Your someone special is waiting for you too. Go enjoy your time with your family and friends know that your website is now on autopilot.

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