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Today’s social media tips cover hashtags and followers.

Welcome to social media month.
We are covering social media all this month and this week’s topic is Twitter. On Sunday I covered yourTwitter profile and gave some tips on how to set it up.

Today’s post covers hashtags and how and why you should use them. I’m also going to cover followers; how many can you follow and unfollow in a day and ways to silence the hateful tweets.


Think of hashtags as a description of what your tweet is about. Adding hashtags to your tweets helps people find tweets based on that search topic. If you follow me, you know that I use #bloggingtips and #bloggerswanted almost all the time. Why do I do that? Because if someone enters bloggingtips or blogging tips into the Twitter search bar, my tweets with that hashtag will show up. Its an easy way for someone who is not following me to find my content.

The same thing goes with hashtags in your profile. I use #blogger and #blogging on my profile. If you do a search on the term blogger and click on the PEOPLE tab, I may show up (depending on your settings).


social media tips, twitter tips, blogging tips

Social Media Tips, Hashtags, Followers, and How to Silence the Hateful Tweets

Twitter has set a limit on the number of people you can follow. The daily limit is 1000. Though I would not recommend anyone hopping on Twitter and instantly follow 1000 tweeps. You may get your account flagged. 100 would a reasonable number to follow each day.

The problem with following a bunch of people is that not everyone will follow you back. This could be due to inactive accounts or that the person is a twit. The other issue is that once you hit the 5,000 followers limit you won’t be able to follow anyone else until your followers is greater than the people you follow.

Let’s say you have 1234 followers and you are following 4999. You can only follow one more person before you hit the 5000 limit. So, in order to follow more people, you would have to unfollow some of the people that you are following.

My advice, unfollow those people that aren’t following you, so your numbers even out.

Here’s a tip to gain more followers, find your favorite blogger, writer, fashion expert, life coach or whoever and follow 20 of their followers. Give it a week, then unfollow the people that don’t follow you back. Keep doing this and watch your numbers grow.

On top of this, start interacting with your followers.

Monday pick 5 followers and retweet their pinned tweet.
Tuesday pick 5 different followers, go to their blog and comment on it.
Wednesday pick 5 more followers and retweet their lasted blog post.
Thursday pick 5 more followers and retweet their Instagram page (or some other tweet).

On Friday mention all twenty of these followers in Follow Friday tweet #FF.
Send out the #FF tweet, you may have to do this in multiple tweets depending on the user’s handle size, but that’s okay. Do this in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

Mute option

This is used to silence the tweets from a particular person. You can remove the tweets from showing up in your timeline without unfollowing them. When you see a red speaker with a

Block option

This option will block the person from seeing you all together. When you block an account that you are following, you are also unfollowing the account. Blocked accounts cannot follow you, view or find your tweets or send direct messages to you.

Stay tuned for more Twitter tips. Thursdays post  I’ll be covering Twitter Lists and Next Sunday I’ll cover Twitter Moments.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blogging tips. Be sure to come back Tuesday when I cover hashtags and why you should use them.

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