A New Year is almost here and it is time to think about what we can do to improve our readership in 2014. What are you going to do in the new year to engage your readers and keep them coming back? Here are a few easy and simple tips to make your blog shine in 2014.

Write More
Practice makes perfect. Writing every day allows you to sharpen your writing skills. Use the keyboard (or pen and paper) to save your thoughts and expand them into posts. I know this may sound a little weird, but it’s quarter after 3 in the morning and I’mplunking away on the keyboard. I woke up, had some thoughts in my head, so off I went.  My normal writing time is usually in

the evening. I usually stay there until I’m satisfied with my writing that day and rarely leave with anything less than 500 words. If you are not at lease plunking out 500 words when you sit down to write, make it one of your goals in 2014.

Develop a Posting Schedule
A posting schedule is a list of topics that you want to cover in the weeks or months to come. Get a blank calendar or find one on the web. Choose a topic for that date and write it down. Try to develop your schedule at least two months out. It will be difficult at first but it will get easier. By writing the topic down and seeing it every day, it will help you to collect and organize your thought for that topic. That way when it comes time to write, you won’t be sitting there wondering… “What am I going to write about today?” This will give you plenty of time to develop your idea and the topics that you’d like to cover in that post.

Use my Social Profile
What’s in a name? Everything.

Your Twitter profile is great place to sell yourself to the public.You can add a link to your webpage or to your Facebook page. If your goal is to become a professional writer, a professional speaker, or to get more hits to your blog, your profile is a great place to advertise. Your Twitter profile is your professional image. Use it but keep it professional.
Once you have developed your Twitter profile, copy it and paste it in your Facebook short description. Facebook only allows 155 characters in the description. So, if you pushed the 160 character limit on Twitter, you might have to tweak the text in your Facebook profile a little to get it to fit. Facebook also allows for customized links to your Facebook fan page. Go to Update Page Info then Facebook Web Address and enter a custom URL. This is great way to add nice clean link to your Facebook Page.

I hope these tips help you in the coming year. I’m ending this year on a high note and hope to keep the momentum going into the New Year and beyond. It is difficult to blog and write every day, but making a few changes early in the year will help you to stay focused. And in the long run, this will help you engage your readers more. Engaged readers are likely to return to your site and that’s a goal we all want to achieve.

To your success.


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