Here’s an old post that I wrote back in November of 2013. It was probably one of my first posts too! In this oldie, I cover why it is important to be patient when starting a new blog.

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I say this all the time, it’s not like the movie A Field of Dreams. If you build it they will not necessarily come. It takes work and dedication and hard work to build a profitable blog.

I pulled this old post out from the archives because I ran across a post from Rick Johnson @rlj0228. He wrote a post on Veruca Salt too. So I had to dust off this oldie and share it with you.

Don’t Turn into a Bad Egg

More on that is just a minute.

You started a new project and have worked diligently day after day, writing this and tweaking that. You know what I mean. Then when you are ‘finished” you set your new project off into the world but the results don’t turn out like you expected…

1 hit.
5 hits.
8 hits, you get excited but maybe that was just a few bots checking out the site.
0 hits
1 hit… and it goes on.

I wrote a couple weeks ago about determination. I think today’s topic goes hand in hand with it and that is patience.

Do you remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Do you remember the girl named Veruca Salt? Do you remember what happened to her? She wanted it all, wanted it all now and got just what she deserved. If you don’t remember, check out this link on YouTube.

The reason I’m writing about this today is that I’m just about at five weeks of blogging (depending on when this is posted). I see my hits every day and I sometimes wonder, “Where is everyone?” Don’t get me wrong, I am seeing hits to this blog but where are the thousands of people? That’s the impatience coming out.

Here are a couple tips on how to work on patience (or just try to be a little better at it). I won’t fill it full of clichés, just a couple tips to ponder.
1. Take a breath. Take a breath and remember what you are doing and why you are doing it.
2. Set clear goals. Keep them where you can see them every day.
3. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sorry, I had to put that ONE on the list. Stop and look at the big picture and remember that each thing you are doing is a step in the right direction. You can’t run a marathon in one step, or five steps, or even 100 steps. It takes many steps and time, and so will creating that blog, writing that book, or getting that business off the ground. As long as you are heading in the right direction, that is positive progress.
4. If you find you are getting a little impatient, stop what you are doing and take a walk. I take Elvis out for a walk almost every day, if not twice a day. That one routine clears my head and gets me ready for the next task.
5. Keep thinking positive thoughts. I honestly believe that positive thoughts bring positive results.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It is an oldie but it has some great points to remember, creating a successful blog is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep striving to reach your goals and you will get there!!

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