You’ve been reading a few blogs online and start to think that blogging might be fun.

You see others blogging on the web and they seem to be making money at it. It looks easy enough, you know how to work a keyboard and set up a web site (blog), so you decide to give it a try. Except you write a few posts and no one comes. Sure, there are a few hits on your site, your mom, maybe your sister and a couple friends, but no real traffic.

What happened? Why isn’t there any traffic coming to your site? The reason could be that you fell into these common beginner blogging mistakes. Read on and I’ll give you some tips to overcome these common mistakes.

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Problem #1, Writer’s Block.

Problem #1, You Run Out Of Things to Write About
Coming up with a topic to write on every week can be difficult. Writer’s block can be tough to overcome. If you run into writer’s block, try one of these simple tips to get yourself writing again. Pick up a pen and some paper and start writing. Write anything that comes into your head, words, sentences, or phrases. Soon you will have some complete sentences and your topic will begin to flow.

Another trick is to try a mind map. No, it’s not something I learned from Spock. It’s a technique where you write a central idea (your topic) in the middle of a sheet of paper, then write down all of the words you can think of, that is associated with that topic. After 10 minutes, you will have your topic and the sub points that you want to cover. Group the words into subgroups that fall into a similar topics and soon you’ll start to see an outline for your post.

If you want to learn more about the mind map technique, search the web for the keywords mind map.

Problem #2, You Do Not Advertise

Social media web sites

Problem #2, You don’t get Social.

The best way to start advertising on the internet is to get Social. If you don’t already have a social media account, sign up for an account with Twitter, Facebook, or one of the other social sites. But don’t get too carried away. Pick two or three social networks that fit your style. Once your account is up, share a little of your content but also share some of the good stuff that others have already place on the network. Remember the Social Networks are about being social and that means you should to share other people’s comments, posts, and ideas, as well as your own.

Share your blog posts on content sharing sites, such as In these sites, you place a link to your blog then add a brief summary. Content sharing sites are another great way to drive traffic to your blog. These sites are also Social sites, so you’ll have to share your content along with viewing, reading, and sharing the content from other uses.

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Problem #3, You think blogging is easy.

Problem #3, You Think this will be Easy
This is probably is the biggest mistake a beginning blogger makes. Writing, posting and driving traffic to your site is constant work and it does not come easy. It takes work to build your network and make a name for yourself. The big players in the blogosphere (anywhere on the internet) did not hit it over night. It takes hard work and dedication to work through the problem, issues, and stupid mistakes that we all have to make in order to get where we want to be.

There’s an old saying, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Your journey to a popular and successful blog will require many steps, some of them painful. If you write it, they will eventually come, but you must be consistent and keep striving to be successful.

To your success.

What do you think? Are these mistakes that you have made? What did you do to overcome these mistakes? Hit the comment box to let me know.