Your 10-point blogging checklist.

Your 10-point blogging checklist.

Ten things to consider before you hit that publish button, but after you have edited your post.
I have added some code that you can copy and add to your website. It’s at the bottom of this post, after the 10-point checklist.

You post on a regular schedule or you send an email to announce that a new post is about to be released soon.

The title is in an H1 tag.
The title is catchy and engaging

The URL uses the main keyword in the article or a keyword phrase.
The URL does not include the WP default date URL.

The introduction includes the keyword or keyword phrase of the post.
The introduction is clear and engaging and makes the reader want to continue reading.

H2 and H3 tags are included in the section titles.
The body of the post is easy to read.
The keywords flow in the article and are not stuffed into the post.

All images have the same width, are clear, and load easily.
Videos load quick.

Links to past articles are included when relevant.
Links to the outside have a nofollow when appropriate.

The conclusion wraps everything up.
The conclusion is short and sweet.

CTA (Call To Action)
A CTA is included in the post.
There are no more than two separate CTAs.

Social Media
Social media is used to drive readers to the post and to announce its release.

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Your blog post checklist

Ten things to check before you hit that publish button.

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