Did you know that there are well over 152 million blogs online and that was in 2013? You can expect the number to have risen dramatically since then. But even one hundred million means that you are competing in a massive ocean. Some bloggers will have bigger budgets to play with too, and that means that you are already at a disadvantage. It’s possible then that your blog just isn’t getting the attention that you want or that you deserve. Why is this, what’s going wrong and what can you do about it?

Content = King

No doubt, you will have heard some variation of that phrase before. Simply put it means that if you want your blog to thrive, you need to provide your audience with the content that they want to see. What does this mean? Well, first you need to get inside their head. Figure out what they want to know, what information they are searching for and then deliver it to them in a nice little bow of info that’s easy to read and understand.

Make sure that you are looking at Google analytics and other tools. This will allow you to find out what makes your users tick. Do you have a search bar on your site? You should. If you have a search bar, you can use analytics to find exactly what users look for when they visit your blog. When you do this, you can build content around these searches. This is a great way to create targeted content, and that is going to boost your ranking.

Keyword Research

Blogs, like any other business site, live and die on keywords. You need to know what keywords your target readers are searching for. Once you know the keywords, you can build content around them and even create cornerstone content. These are web pages or blog posts that are the basis of what your site is.

Of course, it’s not just about looking at keywords. You need to think about questions too. Google regularly provides suggested questions to users once they input a keyword. If you create an awesome piece of content that answers that question, your blog will appear as a unique source directly in the Google SERPs. You’ll definitely see a massive increase in traffic if that happens and it’s a great way to generate a lot more interest.

Should You Pay For Clicks?

Perhaps you should, particularly if you’re not just using your blog to sell content. You might be selling products too. A lot of bloggers link their site to an e-commerce store. You can do this too, and if you do, you might look at services offered by companies like Sales Funnel HQ to make sure that products you could be selling through Amazon appear at the top of the SERPs. Don’t forget ads like this can be linked to your blog and your little online store. This will provide a lot more clicks and make sure that you are getting a higher number of clicks.

What About Plugins?

You definitely want to make sure that you are using a plugin on your blog for SEO. While plugins can be expensive, they are incredibly helpful and certainly worth the cost. You can use a plugin to optimize your listing in the SERPs and your on-page content as well. Both will help ensure that you are increasing your blog ranking online. There are lots of different plugins to choose from, but in terms of value and the levels of tools and tricks that it provides, Yoast is probably the best. With a simple tool, you can quickly transform your site and make sure that your blog could appear on page one for targeted keywords.

Fixing Faults

You might find that your blog is loading rather slowly for your users. Usually, this is because you’re not hosting. Someone using a blog as an online diary doesn’t need to host. But, if you are a serious blogger and want it to be your main source of income, then you need to host. A lot of people avoid it because of the cost, but it’s really going to be the lowest bill that you’ll pay as a professional blogger. It will also guarantee that your blog doesn’t take an absolute age to load. Ultimately, you should be aiming for a couple seconds of load time for every page on your blog.

We hope you find this information helpful and that you can use it to get your blog the attention it definitely deserves.

*This is a contributed post.