Lots of bloggers decide to arrange giveaways or competitions for their readers. That can sometimes involve providing a prize that you send out to people who submit their details and enter the competition. It’s possible to boost traffic immensely using that technique without investing a fortune. So, with that in mind, this post will provide you with some tips, tricks, and information that should point you in the right direction and ensure you leave no stone unturned. By the time you finish this article; you will know what it takes to master the art of blog giveaways and promotions.

Make the prize as attractive as possible

The best way to make sure thousands of people send their details and apply for your giveaway is to make the prize or package as attractive as possible. That’s digital marketing 101. So, you need to offer something people want, and they’re willing to share their personal details to get it. Once you have the perfect prize, the work doesn’t stop there. There are specialists out there who can help you to make the best impression with the delivery through the use of something called scent marketing. Research the subject, identify the best specialists, contact them, and take their advice on-board. With a bit of luck, the people who win your prizes are going to feel more than thrilled if you do that.

Allow people to enter with social media shares

You make all the final decisions when it comes to what people have to do to enter your prize draw. However, the best strategy is always to ask for social media shares. Tell your audience to like, comment, and share your posts for a chance to win. You can then pretty much guarantee their actions on Facebook and Twitter are going to appear in the news feeds of their friends. That means more and more people will get to hear about the offer, and so you should get thousands of entries from folks who’ve never encountered you or read your blog in the past. We can call them, new readers, or new customers.

Add all details to your mailing list

The single most important thing you must do when running a competition of that nature involves the personal details you collect. Make sure you add them to your mailing lists straight away, so those folks get an email every time you publish a new article on your blog. Some of those people will unsubscribe, and that is okay. Your goal is to increase the size of your audience so you can drive more traffic to your website than ever before. At the very least; you are going to gain some new followers who become die-hard fans. Make sure you keep in touch with them!

As you can see from the information on this page, creating a successful blog giveaway is easier than most people think. So long as you follow the fundamentals listed in this post; your competition is going to become fruitful, and it should help to increase the size of your mailing lists. As you make money from advertising on your blog; earnings should increase because you will drive more traffic than ever before.

Good luck!

*This is a contributed post.