I started this blog post as a list and description of the different types of blog posts that you can add to your blog.

The different content types I was going to cover are:

List Post

How-to Post

Guest Post


Product Reviews



But I think we all know what they are, and I really don’t I need to define them. So, I was sitting here thinking… and it hit me.

This post is going to about writing in YOUR own style. There are so many people online trying to be the next big thing or trying to appear that they are the next big thing You can see it too. You can see on their social media, you can see it in their blog posts.

My advice is, quit trying to be the next big thing and start being yourself. Write in your own voice. Write the way you want to write. I try to be informative when I write my post because I want my reader to learn from them. But I also think it’s important for you to be you.

Here’s a couple of fun posts that I wrote. I was sitting down at my keyboard and the inspiration came to be. So, I wrote them.

Oh, the Blogging Places You’ll Go, I wrote this in a Dr. Seuss type of voice. It came quickly and I had it written in about twenty minutes.

Here’s a fun one I wrote, Five Fun Things You Can Do with Your Business Cards.

Here’s another fun one I wrote, Great Blogging Moments in Movie History. The Emmy’s were coming up and I was inspired.

So, you see, write what you feel. Write what you want to write about and not what you think you should be writing about. I was going to write this post about blog types, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So here I am just five minutes later and I’m already at 300 words.

The important thing is to write. The more we write the better we become. Every craftsman must practice their craft to get better. And if you are not practicing your craft because you are writing about topics that you don’t care about, then you will not get any better. Let your true writing skills shine. Don’t go with the flow and write about topics that you do not care about.
Well, I guess I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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