Awesome tools for your websiteEvery craftsman needs tools. For bloggers, it is the pen and paper or PC and the internet. Though a blogger can get by with just those two tools, there are other tools that will make their lives a little easier. Keep reading, I created a list of some awesome tools that you can use on your website and the best part is, they are all FREE. You can’t beat a price like that!


The HelloBar is a great little plugin. This awesome opt-in bar sets right at the top of your web page for your readers to see. Totally customizable and works with the various email services such as AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or Constant Contact.
Check out my Resources page for the link.

Kebo Twitter Feed

Blogging? Using  Twitter? Why not incorporate them both with this handy plugin. The Kebo Twitter Feed is easy to use and easy to install. Unlike other Twitter feed plugins, you do not have to create  a Twitter app. Basically, install and go.
Check out my Resources page for the link.

Title Capitalization Tools

Sometimes, I’m not quite sure on how to capitalize a title. So I did a quick Google search and found these two cool sites on the web. Just plug your title into the tool and it will auto correct it with the proper capitalization.
I’ve used both tools so I can check one title versus the other. So far, both capitalization suggestions have been spot on. Overall, great tools for a quick title check. No, not like Carfax.
Check out my Resources page for the links.

Tools make our lives easier. The HelloBar is an easy way to build your email list. While adding the Kebo Twitter Feed is a great way to keep your reader up to date on your Twitter feed. These simple and easy tools should be in every blogger’s tool box. Add these tools to your site and take you blog to the next level. 

What tools do you use on your blog? Share them with us in the comments below.

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