IMG_0048My Favorite Running Songs
As you know, I’m a runner and I am getting ready for another half marathon. (This will be my 4th half marathon.) Running is a great way to relax and is an awesome time to “think.” (I come up with some awesome post ideas while I’m running.) I started running back before it was cool. In fact, my first “race” was a 5k in Key West back in 1977ish (don’t quite remember the year).
Here are those Awesome running songs.
Run Away                                            Bonjovi
Run Around                                        Blues Traveler
Running Down a Dream                 Tom Petty
Run To You                                         Bryan Adams
Running on Empty                           Jackson Browne

Here are some of my favorite running songs. They are great songs that you can use to set your pace.
Rough Housin’                                   .38 Special
Born to Run                                        Bruce Springsteen
I Got a Woman                                  Ray Charles
Wake Up Call                                     Maroon 5
Crazy Train                                         Ozzy Osbourne

Here’s a freebie extra
Talking Heads                                    Uh-oh, Love Comes to Town

Did I miss some good ones? Add them in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.