The blogging revolution (or is it the blogging evolution) is here to stay! Blogging is more popular today and is becoming a vital part of any online presence. Blogging brings readers to your site and establishes you as a thought leader or an expert in your field. Is your site void of a blog? Is one of your business goals for the new year to start a blog for your site? If it is, awesome, but read on so you avoid these common beginning blogger mistakes.

Grammar and Spelling Errors
Most authoring programs such as Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker have grammar and spell checkers. Turn these on and be sure to run them when you are finished writing.
After your post is finished, proofread your article. By proofreading, I don’t mean to read your article to yourself. Find a quiet place to read your article aloud. You will be surprised at the mistakes you will find by listening to what you have written.
For those tough grammar questions, there is a great website called She has some valuable tips and tricks on grammar questions that we all have. Honestly, I’ve used her site a couple times when I’ve had a grammar question for my own.

Do Not Put Your Heart into Your Post
I enjoy writing about writing and blogging and I hope you can see that in my posts. If you choose a topic to write about and you do not have any interest in it, it will be dull and lifeless. Do you remember those papers you had to write in high school? Did you put your heart in your homework? If you put your heart into your homework, that is great, but I know most students write the paper for a grade. No heart, just a grade. Don’t be like that. Find a subject you want to blog about, start writing and put your heart into it.

Do Not Place Graphics in Your Posts.
Graphics liven up your post. Period. They add character to your subject matter and can aid in search engine optimization (that’s whole another blog post). Be sure to pick images that are relevant to your subject. There are many free images sites on the web. Just go a quick Google search for free images for my blog.

No Consistency in Your Publishing Schedule
This probably is the biggest mistake beginners make and I will admit it, writing a blog every week can be a hassle, is that they do not post on a regular schedule. If you post to your blog once a week, be sure to always post your blog on that day. Your readers will begin to count on your blog showing up on the same day of the week. Consistency in your post shows that you are a writer who is dedicated the blog.
Develop a posting schedule to keep your topics fresh and crisp. Develop your ideas in advance so you can do your homework when required (information mining, quotes, images). Have a post that is too long for just one post? Break it up into a series of posts. This will help stretch your content until the idea generation process becomes second nature.

Avoiding these newbie mistakes will help you blog like a pro. We all make mistakes that are published for the world to see, even the “Pros.” The best thing is we learn from our mistakes and keep plugging along. If blogging for your site is a new goal this year, I wish you the best luck. Send me a link to your blog; I’d love to see what others are doing in the blogosphere.

To your success.


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