In every industry, there are gurus or figureheads. As such these are the people that bring to light existing successes and failures of their respective industries. They act as thought leaders, that use their expertise to communicate with new entrepreneurs and established veterans of the business world. What you have to contend with is their words of authority. Personal differences don’t matter because whether you like these people or not, their words carry substantial weight. Steve Jobs may have only been the head of Apple, but he was a leader in the technology world for a long time while he was alive. Ferrari may only be a small automobile company but because of their brilliant success on the track, the company’s words hold a lot of power behind them for road cars. So when trying to build your respect as a business, you should be trying to gravitate toward having words of authority somehow connected with you.

Featuring an interview

The people that hold these cultural positions of power are sometimes seen as talking heads by the general public. However, their cult personalities are always going to be more striking in the professional sense. Try to organize and shoot an interview with someone with a respectable following and prestige in your industry. They may not want to endorse your business or even talk about your business unless you pay a large fee or get them truly interested. But they’re human beings and they’re not going to bite your head off if you politely ask to hold a short interview with them. Interlink your business’ products and services by asking specifically minded and strategically worded questions that tie in the problem your solutions fix. Feature this interview on your website and share it all across social media. Their fans will gravitate toward anything new that person is doing, and suddenly, your business is on the map for many new consumers.

The growing beast

SEO services are heading into their golden age of monumental effectiveness. It’s no wonder that American businesses in total are on course to spending $100 billion on companies that provide such services by 2020. Large corporations have their own professionals that do this but seo services for small business are lessening the gap between the two. Because a small business is immediately at a disadvantage in terms of marketing funds available, finding a powerful SEO service that is cost-effective is a mandatory journey. The kind of SEO company you should give a double-take to is one that can build contextual backlinks that wrap around a topical issue in a unique high-authority website. Websites like Business Insider, Forbes and Bloomberg generally feature articles from highly respected experts. Getting a backlink to such articles will inevitably lend you that extra weight you need to be seen and taken seriously.

Authority-voices in the world of business have tremendous power for better or for worse. An SEO service that can pin your content and website blog to a respected publication and figure gives you that energetic uppercut to thrust your business onto the mainstream platform you desire.

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