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About Dan Swords

A talented freelance writer that channels the voice of your business.

My Role
Well-written and clear communications are the key to promoting an idea, service, or product in the modern business environment.

I take pride in my talent for writing and in my ability to develop clear and concise text. I write because the power of the written word fascinates me. I find it thrilling to be able to take a blank canvas, translate ideas into words, and words into coherent prose to connect with the world. Contemporary businesses use written language as a tool for the promotion and recognition of their capabilities. Hiring the services of an experienced professional writer is a move that can bring about instant returns on your investment.

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Get In Touch
It all starts with a conversation. This is a little Get-to-Know each other type of conversation. Tell me about your business, business plans, and business goals. But it doesn't have to be all business, I'm sure you have topics that you'd like to talk about too - pets, family, favorite vacation spots, and hobbies. So be prepared, I ask lots of questions.