So you’re working a full-time job that you hate, and you want to branch out and do something more meaningful with your life, but you’re not sure how to get started?

Well, one of the best things you can do is to start up a side-hustle. And the best type of side-hustle to start up may well be a fully web-based side hustle.

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comics advises that everyone takes up a side hustle, for various reasons, including the fact that side hustles feed inspiration, enthusiasm, and expand opportunities, even if a given side hustle doesn’t necessarily end up working out.

Here are a few reasons why, in addition to starting up a side hustle, you should start up a web-based side hustle.


There are tools and services that allow an online business to be virtually indistinguishable from one with a physical office

Once upon a time, small business owners were often at a major and visually obvious disadvantage when put up against larger companies. The store or office in question would be smaller and less polished, there would be fewer staff members to handle calls and meetings, and so on.

Today, the internet provides a certain leveling of the playing field, and various tools and services help to make online businesses virtually indistinguishable from those with a physical office.

A Dallas virtual address location, for example, will allow you to share a respectable physical mailing address with people, and then receive scanned copies of all letters posted to that address, with your audience being none the wiser that you don’t have a physical office based at that location.


Web-based side-hustles can be easily adapted to the schedule and demands of your everyday life, and main career

Finding the time to start up a brick and mortar business alongside your full-time job, or even to run a small arts and crafts business on the side, can be very tricky, due to the time constraints involved.

Web-based side hustles, by comparison, are almost always highly flexible in nature and can be easily adapted to the schedule and demands of your everyday life, and main career.

Web-based side-hustles are also perfect for people with young children, or other family demands, as work can be done intermittently throughout the day, as opportunities appear.


A web-based side hustle is typically low-investment and low-risk, relative to more conventional business models

To start up a physical shop, for example, requires you to buy or rent a property, produce and store your own merchandise, and handle all kinds of other investments both big and small throughout the process.

A web-based side hustle, on the other hand, is typically low-investment and low-risk relative to more conventional business models. If you’re selling a skill, such as graphic design, your overheads are close to zero. If you’re selling a product, you’ll have to spend a bit more money, but even then, you’ll save a lot.

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