We’ve all been there, staring at the blinking cursor… and to make matters worse, at the bottom of our editor, is a reminder, Words: 0 .
So, here are a few of my tips to overcome writer’s block.
1. Turn off your electronic distractions like your browser, email, and phone.
2. Set a daily word count. Start off with something easy, try 400 words every time you sit down to write.
3. Just start typing. Random words and random thoughts and before you know it you will have the start of a complete paragraph. I’ve used this technique several time with success.
4. Try a mind map. Check out this article to learn more.
5. If you are a regular reader, you knew this was coming. Go for a walk. Take a break to stretch your legs and your mind. Be sure to bring a notebook for that great idea that pops into your head while you are out.
I hope these tips help you the next time you are stuck with writer’s block. Now quit goofing off and get back to your writing.