Chilli Con Carne in Serving Dish

Writing is like a big pot of chili…

You’ve finally written that epic post.
Nodding to yourself, you say, “It is good,” and click the PUBLISH button to send it on its way. Twenty minutes later, as you reread your masterpiece, you realize that you used often in place of offer. Both words are spelled correctly, so the spellchecker did not catch the error. Then, a little further down the page, there it is again, ANOTHER mistake.
“Oh, no!” you cry and bring the post back in to be edited. Again.
What could you have done to catch these silly errors before publishing your post? Read on and I’ll give you three tips that I use before I click the PUBLISH button.
The problem with being the creator, the writer, and the editor is that we are too close to our work and cannot always see our silly mistakes. Writing is kind of like a big ‘ol pot of chili, it needs to sit overnight and is best served the next day. So, before you click that publish button, try these three simple tips to catch your mistakes before you publish that next epic post.

Put Your Work Away
After you have finished writing and are satisfied with your work, put your work away and let it sit overnight. If you can’t wait overnight, then put it away for a couple hours and do something else. Go for a walk or cook dinner, but do something to get your mind off your work. Taking a break for a short period will allow you to come back to your work with clear eyes and a clear mind. Watch as your reread your post the next morning, the spelling and grammar errors will pop out at you.

Read Your Post Out Loud
By reading your new post aloud, you will be able to hear exactly what you wrote and not what you think you wrote. This will help you catch any run on sentences, wordiness, or misplaced commas. Read every word aloud and by the time you reach the end of your work, you will have caught many errors that your grammar/spell checker did not catch.

Proof read your posts before publishing to the web.Preview Your Post
Most blogging software has a PREVIEW POST button. This button allows you to view your blog post just as it will be seen on the web. This is a great opportunity to test the links and buttons placed within your blog. No one likes dead links or buttons that do not work. This can cause your readers to abandon your blog. So, keep them reading your content with links that work.

Your action items from this post:
1. Create your new content. If you are experiencing writer’s block and need a little help, check out my post What Are You Going To Write About Today?
2. Put your content away and find something else to do.
3. Proofread your content.
4. Click the Like button off to the left and share the link to your post.

I hope these three simple tips help you to create clear and easy to read content. You don’t have to be an English major to be a good writer, just a good proofreader.

Write. Rest. Read. Repeat.

To your success.