2018, what a great year!!!

2018 is almost over and what a great year it has been. My website grew leaps and bounds this year! I couldn’t have done it without Tracy.  She has been very supportive of my online pursuits. She put up with me getting home from work and then heading upstairs to work on my website and working online on the weekends. I couldn’t have done this without her support, understanding, and love.
Thank you, Tracy, for helping make danswords.com a reality.

I also want to thank YOU, my readers. Without your support and encouragement, none of this would have been possible too. You helped me through the tough times and the doubting times. Just when I was thinking about giving up, a comment or tweet would come through thanking me for the help I provided and what a difference that made!!

A big thank you to my readers, without your support and kind words, danswords.com would have folded during the trying times.

On to the year in review.

I published 175 articles this year and even had a few ranked in Google. That was pretty cool, but I’m not stopping with that. I’m doing more research on SEO and Google Analytics. So, come back next year for more great informative posts.

Social media bird vector illustration

I reached the 11k mark on Twitter. Yeah, I was hit by the big Twitter purge earlier this year, I’m sure like most of you, but that was a good thing. I’m a little more cautious as to who I follow these days. I’m sure you are too.

Share your blogging tips in my new series, Featured Writer Friday.

Featured Writer Friday was a huge success. If you’re new to my website, in this series I featured a new writer, blogger, or podcaster. I asked them questions about their website/blog such as, what worked for them, what didn’t work for them, and what tips do they have to share. There were 35 total posts this year, with your top FWF posts being, in NO order:

  1. Angelah Starr
  2. Thomas Slatin
  3. Witte’s World
  4. Cimarron Ranch
  5. Dan Swords

I started a video series called, “What is Your Biggest Frustration When It Comes to Blogging?”

That was a lot of fun to make because, you decided on what the topics were.

I sent out a couple tweets asking everyone, what is your biggest frustration when it comes to blogging? I received a ton of answers, and the top five results were:

  1. How do I get organic traffic to my website?
  2. How to promote my website for free?
  3. StumbleUpon: It’s the quality of the visit that is important, not the number of visitors.
  4. Overcoming writer’s block.
  5. Writing that epic blog post and no one comments.

Stay tuned, there will be more videos to come.

In November I started a new job in downtown Chicago and I love it!! New challenges, new people to meet. I’m a technical writer for a company called Gogo Air. If you fly at all, Gogo makes and installs the satellite and WiFi systems that you use while in flight.

So, what’s coming up for danswords.com in 2019?

What’s coming in 2019??

New eBook coming out in January. It’s my “Everything You Wanted o Know About Blogging But Were Afraid to Ask” kinda book. I’m taking EVERYTHING I know, EVERYTHING that has successfully worked for me and putting it in an easy to follow format. It will take you from a blank page to a published post in no time.

New Online Courses

I’m developing a backlinks online course for Udemy.com.

Backlinks are something that every successful blogger needs. The Google gods look at your backlinks to determine if you worth adding to their SERPs. The more quality links you have, the more trust you build with Google.

If you are interested in my free backlinks eBook, Creating Quality Backlinks, you can find it here.

New blog posts and keeping some of the older popular posts too.

Monday Motivation and Featured Writer Friday are popular and will be back in 2019.

Featured Writer Friday will be back with new interviews. I’m going to shake up the questions and early in the year, (February or March) I’ll be adding an audio version.

Next year, I’m going to start another project along with my danswords.comwebsite. Since I’m now working in downtown Chicago, there are about a bazillion places to eat. Besides writing, my other passion is cooking (and eating). In the new site, (not sure if it will be just YouTube or website and YouTube) I’ll be featuring a new place to eat in downtown Chicago. I’ll review the restaurant and my lunch selection. But I won’t just end there. I’ll hit up food trucks, festivals and other fun places too. So be on the lookout for LunchtimeChicago!!

I’ll be back in January with more great posts, videos, interviews, and freebies.

Until next year everyone, I wish you all a great holiday season.

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Holidays
Happy New Year,

And of course, Peace, Love, and Happiness