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What Does the Way You Dress Say to Your Client?

January 18, 2015 0 Comments


I hear from time to time that as a business person you should “dress your brand.” So, what does that mean? Here is a fantastic post from Doris Hobbs, Style Editor for both Lifestyles and VRAI Magazine to explain, What Does the Way You Dress Say to Your Client?

7-10 MiddleIn a current society which continues to steer towards lax attire, one might ask what would be appropriate for a conservative or professional atmosphere. There may be no established guidelines besides the policy and procedure manual, which may not be enforced at all. Finding the liking of a more lax dress code may be welcomed for younger employee but frowned upon for a more mature filled in woman. Under the prominent quotes of, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” stands as a pillar of truth while choosing proper garment choices.

First impressions stand as a lasting judgment for many employers when choosing a future associate to represent the company or firm. Studies have shown that women who enter into a business atmosphere displaying masculine attire which could include a tailored suit, leather briefcase and positive attitude appear professional. While the majorities which dress upscale are seen as intelligent, the remaining demography of individuals which appear under dressed comes off as a fortuitous risk.

For those of you which say that the male demographic may have it easier in terms of presenting oneself in an office atmosphere, you may have been deceived. It has been established that men have chosen to wear a traditional polyester suit, it has become acceptable to dress down with a combination of a polo and tailored slacks. While women have been seen as having the option of choosing endless garment options, an updated look has become inevitable.

A preferred author in regards to dressing for success is by far John T. Molly, with his award winning Novel Dress for Success. Most of Molly’s research had been conducted in the era of the seventies; it stands as a pillar of interesting commentary to the current conservative office environment.  From his simple formula of skirted suits, dresses with blazers, tailored trouser suits to a causal motif of simple dresses. Molly covers the full aspect of basics, gifting his readers of how to dress for success.

For those uncertain of what a professional appearance could gain you, consider these possibilities. A professional appearance displays organization, your appearance affects your reputation as well as having an effect on boosting one’s confidence. The way you dress is more than a reflection of your image; it is a productivity booster, which could possibly give you the advancement to next level professionally.

Profile Pic 2015Known for her vintage flair and festive personal life, Model, Writer and Founder of  Doris Hobbs connects with her readers through a classic, feminine profile, and silhouette of an era gone by, which she plays off of with fabrics, textures, and accessories. In addition to maintaining her personal aesthetic which includes her trademark bold red lips, nails and gorgeous natural red hair, she currently holds a position as a Style Editor for both Lifestyles and VRAI Magazine.


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