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How Pinterest Can Drive Traffic to Your Site

May 6, 2014 0 Comments

How Pinterest can drive traffic to your sitePinterest is the fastest growing social network and in terms of traffic, it’s the third most popular, right after Facebook and Twitter. But there are so many businesses and blogs who aren’t using Pinterest, or not using it to its full potential! So let me tell you why you should be on Pinterest, and how to use it to get traffic to your site.

Why should I use Pinterest?

Pinterest has only been around since 2010 and there are already 70 million users, and 500,000 of those are business accounts. And not only are people using Pinterest a lot, they’re also buying through it. The average amount of money spent when social shopping on Facebook is around $60-$80. On Pinterest, the average is $140-$180! Since I started optimising Pinterest, I’ve noticed a surge in my blog traffic, and I’ve heard so many bloggers talking about the real, measurable difference it has made to their own traffic.

How will people find my pins?

Pinterest does have a home feed of images, but most of the time people use the search tool, so you want to optimise your pins to appear in people searches. This means really making use of the pin description! Make sure you’re descriptive and say what the product is. So many people just write things like ‘pretty’ – and that’s no use to anyone.

How will I get people to my site?

First, make sure you add links to your pins! If you install the ‘pin it’ button to your site, it will appear when you hover over your images which means you and anyone can pin them. (NOTE: Other people pinning your images is good because then all of their followers will see it!). Anything pinned with that hovering button will automatically link right back to that page. If you’re uploading a pin from your computer, edit the pin and there’s a space where you can paste in the link you want it to go to.

Second, you need to make people want to click your pin and go to that link. So you need to make sure that your images actually give people a reason to click through! Add some text over your image which says the title of your post, or the name of your product. Give them enough information so they want to click through and read the whole thing!

DOs and DON’Ts of Pinning

DO have lots of boards. If all you have is one board filled with your own blog posts, not many people are going to follow you. You want to have lots of different boards so that lots of people find something that appeals to them!

DON’T just pin your own content. Use Pinterest to help create a brand and show your style. You might not blog about home décor, but you can have a décor board and people will like it! Mix in your blog posts or products with the appropriate board.

DO pin regularly. I mentioned earlier that there’s a home feed on Pinterest – that’s made up of things that are pinned by people you follow. If you pin regularly, people will keep coming back to your page, repinning new things, and finding your new content.

DON’T give your boards abstract names. This is similar to the pin descriptions – the search tool also searches your board names, so make them relevant! I see a lot of boards titles like ‘cool’, which is just not useful at all, or ‘things I love’ – which is going to get a low fewer followers than, say, ‘recipes I love’. But I would still try not to be too personal about it. Try something like ‘delicious recipes’ instead. People wouldn’t Google ‘recipes I love’, so they’re not going to search it on pinterest either.


I hope you found these tips useful – now get pinning!


Me Transparent BGHarriet Massing is a blogger, freelance marketer, and Pinterest-lover. In her spare time she plans holidays to keep her travel bug at bay. You can visit her blog at and tweet her at @Harriet_Rosie.


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