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If Your Blog’s Not Working, Don’t Get Mad – Get Better!

February 21, 2015 2 Comments

IdeaGreat blogging tips from my guest author, Julie Ellis. Be sure to follow Julie on Twitter, @premieressaynet.

Keeping and growing your base of followers is really about establishing relationships. Those relationships are built by:

  1. Topics that relate to the mission of your blog. If I were to ask you right now, “What is your mission,” could you answer me instantly? If not, then you don’t have a mission, and you had better give it some solid thought and be able to state your mission clearly to yourself. Every post you write must relate – that gives you consistency and a sense of security to your followers.
  2. Content that teaches or provides fresh information/perspective. If you have a real estate blog, for example, possible post content is endless. Educationally, you can address buying, selling, investing, mortgage loans, inspections, staging and curb appeal, just to name a few. Fresh information might relate to the current market, new mortgage products, changes in appraisal methods, and so forth. Related topics might include DIY improvement projects, decorating, energy-efficient appliances, and so much more! Do your “homework,” find out what interests the demographic of your followers have and let that drive post content.
  3. Make your blog interactive. If you are using a good platform, like WordPress, get plug-ins that allow for commenting and conversations. And respond to those who leave comments, so you can keep the conversation going and so that others can join in.
  4. Link your blog to all of your social media accounts – there’s a plug-in for that, too. You can drive readers to you by posting your meta-description with a link to your blog.
  5. Does the design of your blog “match” your mission? You want it to look professional, but some blogs need to be “formal” while others should be “casual” in “look.”
  6. Are you using media? Words are important, but if there aren’t visuals to break up the monotony, readers will become bored. Plug-ins that allow you to upload animation and video are good to have, but don’t overload and become too “busy.”
  7. Are your post titles catchy and intriguing? If you’re not creative in that way, get someone who is.
  8. Are your posts sounding like an English professor wrote them, or are they reflective of the language your followers use and understand? A good rule is to write at about a 9th grade level, unless your blog is highly technical or intellectual in scope.
  9. Are you getting enough guest posts? Solicit them from “experts” in your topic area and set up relationships with other bloggers (who have related topics) for mutual posting.
  10. Consistency is just critical. If your followers are used to at least one new post a day, do not let them down. If they keep coming and find nothing new, they will stop coming altogether.

So, here’s 10 things to think about, as you look for ways to get your blog back on track. Nothing here requires anything more than your willingness to make some changes.


julieellisAbout the author:  having a Master’s degree in Journalism and love for travelling, Julie Ellis is financed by her freelance writing to investigate and explore exotic places of the world. Being a Chief Editor at Premier Essay she, as well, features articles for journals and magazines around the world.

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  1. Dan Copping says:

    Hey Dan, thanks for the retweet. I liked this post too and will try and think more about my blog’s mission.

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