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Digital Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

April 22, 2014 0 Comments

Today’s guest author is Hana Do from

As an avid social media enthusiast, I can’t help but jotting down the great practices that I come across.

Recently, I chanced upon this hostel in Turkey and though I’ve been to a handful of hostels around the world, this is one of the few hostels that manage to impress me with their effort in building their brand image and establishing a vibrant online presence to appeal to their target audience – urban travelers. It’s #bunk hostel in Istanbul. Its youthful and peculiar style is reflected vividly from the prominent use of #hashtag

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.30.07 PM

Full of characters!

1. Chic and stylish website

Instant appeal to its target group - Urban travelers who seek fun, casual and hip experiences

Instant appeal to its target group – Urban travelers who seek fun, casual and hip experiences

Such great effort put into graphics designing and of course, characters fortifying!

Such great effort put into graphics designing, community building and of course, characters fortifying!

2. Informative blog filled with zest – Bunk black book

Visit it for the the best advices on cafe, bar and exciting activities in Istanbul!

Great info for a first-time-in-Istanbul alone traveler like myself

Great info for a first-time-in-Istanbul alone traveler like myself

3. Active Facebook

With more than 8k fans and 600 people talking about it, they are definitely doing something right. What’s lacking is probably the hype from a campaign. Should they decide to do it, I’m sure they’ll do it extremely well as the theme is relatively simple to leverage on.


4. Yes, they have a staff read on Skype to speak with you!

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.22.04 PM

5. Excellent service via email

They are relatively responsive over email, less than 24 hours for sure. I emailed them three times a day and they replied within one day with really useful information!

Canned but fair enough email!

Thank you very much for your reservation at #bunk taksim.  We look forward to accommodating you in Istanbul.

If you would like to make restaurant and bar reservations in advance during your stay or just want some insider tips about the hippest venues in the city then please check out our blog .

Alternatively please make use of our stunning roof terrace café, bar and pizzeria with stunning views of the city.  “Vanga” is open daily from 8 a.m. until late night and serves a cooked and continental breakfast, bar snacks, Italian gourmet pizza, cocktails and “the cheapest beer in town”.  We also host guest Dj’s and live entertainment on key nights. (wow, amazing!)

Best of all, their price is really reasonable for all the hip environment offered. It somehow makes me so excited and look forward to my stay. And no, I absolutely don’t earn any commission but they’re doing something right in this social media era, don’t you think?

About the Author


Hana Do is currently community manager at 12mass, a unique conversation tool that allows brands to talk to people 100 times faster on Social Media.

She’s excessively fascinated by the social media realm and marketing as a whole. In her spare time, she rears a genetically modified travel bug that is growing out of control.

Website: | Blog: | Twitter: @12mass | Facebook:

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