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3-Step Planning Guide to Your Perfect Home-Based Business

January 11, 2015 0 Comments

Hello everyone, here is my first Guest Post of the the year and it is an awesome one from Gerri Chambers. She is the #1 Best-Selling Author of Bossy! and has written a post on starting your perfect home-based business. I hope you enjoy the post and be sure to stop by Gerri’s website at

Tips to start a home based business.

Tips to start a home based business.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business from home, then you’re in the right place.  There are some essential basics that should be covered to give you some clear instruction and set you in the right direction.  Do these first and you’ll be setting yourself up to succeed beyond your imagination.


1) Determine and list your skills, personality and passions. This is the foundation that will help you determine the most natural business for you to begin.  Many people get into businesses with which they have no experience or skills and there is a huge learning curve. Why not take something you already know and love and make it generate money for you? List skills you gained through formal education or training and also informal skills that you have obtained through simply living. Next list your personality traits. If you’re not sure, you can find out what your personality is by using this great resource, where you can answer 4 questions and find out what type of personality you have.  Lastly, you’ll make a list of your passions. These will be things you hate or love.  When you list all of these, make a connection between one or two from each category and start thinking in that direction.  Ex: Skill – social media, Personality – outgoing, Passion – helping people.  In this case, this person may want to look into Social Media Management.


2) Determine your target market.  Reaching out to a broad audience can be very expensive. Narrow your focus down to a particular group of people so you can really speak to them personally.  Conversely you don’t want to pick a product or service that has too little interest.  Ask yourself: who may what I have to offer? What type of person? How will they want to the material delivered to them? Where will they look for it? How much will they pay? What will make me different? Look at your closest 10 competitors to see generally what they’re doing. Check out their deals, sign up for newsletters, experience free and or paid services and make calls to inquire about their services.  Ask yourself what’s missing? What could I do better? And how could your skill set or personality set you apart from what is already being done.


3) Determine your business model. Do you want to consult with small companies, coach individual clients in a group or train your clients through webinars or conference calls? Based on your market research and comparison of your competition you will be able to determine what delivery method will be best for your prospects.  And this is the key to making sales.


By performing the above 3 steps, you’ll be ready to set up your website and begin advertising your new business to the public.  Work on your list, your research and business model and you’ll set yourself up in a home-based business on which you can build and create happiness that will last for years to come.

Image2Gerri Chambers, #1 Best-Selling Author of Bossy! spent most of her life working for someone else.  With nothing but the dream of always becoming her own boss, she founded her home-based business, Paycheck to Prosperity.  Gerri empowers women to be their own boss and create a lifestyle they’ve always dreamed about but just didn’t have the tools or encouragement.  Gerri works with those who are willing to put her plan to work and free themselves from the paycheck lifestyle and soar to immeasurable heights.  Gerri is a homeschooling single mom of 3 boys and 1 little princess and loves Jesus, the beach and laughing.

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